Does your Hot Tub need a spa day?

Whether your hot tub is completely inoperable or just needs a tune up, PoolsHQ inc is here to help you every step of the way. 
Our Repair technicians have over 10 years of experience and have seen every possible scenario!

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Frozen Hot Tub Emergency

PoolsHQ can troubleshoot and repair all major components of your hot tub. Repair and/or replacement of pumps, heaters, jets, spa packs, lights, replace covers, cover lifters plus more. We can also repair leaks that are accessible from the sides.

Is your leak unrepairable!? Let us take a look before disposing your hot tub. If your tub is not worth keeping any longer, we can arrange to remove and dispose your hot tub.

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Our Hot Tub Maintenance Packages

Spa Opening
Remove anti-freeze
Partial fill and drain
Get hot tub fully operational
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Spa Closing
Drain hot tub
Blow out the lines
Add anti-freeze for extra protection
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Pump Re-Build
Replace bearings
Replace impeller
Replace all seals
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